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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2001 11:17 am Post subject: Reply with quote


Joined: 26 Jul 2001
Posts: 3

I need help from someone that has expertise in sending mail from NOTES to MQSeries.

I'm working on an MQSeries Pilot Project that needs to send a message from a NOTES server running on NT to an IMS program running on OS/390.

I have MQSeries 5.2 NT on the NOTES Server and MQSeries 5.2 OS/390 set up to do this and I can indeed send an MQSeries message from NT to OS/390, trigger an IMS MPP, and get a response back. No problem there.

Our problem is on the NOTES side. Until the new IBM MQSeries Connectors for NOTES are GA, we're using the older MQLSX Connectors. We've been playing around with the MQLSX Link sample application that comes with MQSeries 5.2 NT. This application collects data from a NOTES form and uses the NOTES Agent to send/receive the message from MQSeries.

We need to have a NOTES Agent do the MQI calls because we want our Application to run on the NOTES Server. If we run the NOTES Agent on the Client, we have to have both the NOTES and MQSeries clients on the client workstation. W want any customer with a Web Browser to be able to use this Application.

The problem we've been having is that there's a 35 minute delay between the time we click ok on the NOTES form and time we get the response back from MQSeries. Even if we tweak some NOTES Agent Parameters, our information is that our average delay would be aproximately two minutes - unacceptable for this application.

Does anyone know of a better way to do this? Or is this not a good thing to be doing from NOTES? Or should we wait for the new NOTES MQ Connector? This is an Online Teleprocessing Application that needs a maximum average delay of 1 minute. It appears that NOTES Agents are designed more to handle batch processes rather than OLTP applications.

We're just getting our feet wet with MQSeries and would appreciate all of the help we can get. Thanks.

Mike Wallis
Hennepin County Information Technology
A1900 Govt Center
300 S 6th St
MPLS, MN 55487
612-348-8748 (voice) 612-348-9595 (Fax)
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2001 2:41 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Jedi Council

Joined: 19 May 2001
Posts: 5712
Location: UK

I have used the MQLSX from Notes agents with no problems. In my case I triggered the Notes agent from a mainframe trigger queue.

I also used the MQclient instead of MQServer on the Notes server (no cost and more reliable as it is far simpler).

Your problem sounds like a Notes design issue - because as soon as you invoke a Lotuscript agent - you can connect to MQSeries and get a response in seconds.

If your delay is caused by the agent code not running immediately then you need to re-think your Notes design.

This is therefore more a Notes question that a MQSeries question. I suggest you try the appropriate Notes newsgroups on usenet.

I am not really a Notes expert, but you could try using a browser (instead of a Notes client) to access the forms and putting the lotuscript in the form. By using a browser you force the code to run server-side in real-time (I think!).

If you must use a Notes client then you might consider using Java applications inside Notes to make the use of MQclient simpler.
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