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ESB Reference Architecture
MQ Toolkit

Icon Solutions

Icon Solutions is a consulting IT services company that works with some of today’s largest financial services organisations.  Icon Solutions has for 15 years delivered integration and messaging projects in addition to developing products and tools which help simplify and accelerate WebSphere integration projects.

Active Integrator – Files Gateway (AIFG)

Active Integrator enables the integration of legacy applications dealing with files into your MQ architecture.

Whilst this may seem a like a relatively straightforward task, AIFG gives you a set of configuration options, ensuring that you can meet the most demanding resiliency requirements within the most complex environments.  In addition Icon Solutions can be engaged to add specific functional behaviour.

Some of the configurable options are:

-  The ability to call your own scripts from within the processing.

-  Split files based on fixed length or delimiter.

-  Access to underlying MQ Get/MQ Put options.

- The ability to add custom fields into the headers.

ESB Reference Architecture

Any new ESB engagement requires a significant amount of time, effort and cost to be invested before any truly ‘value adding’ work can take place. During our experience of working with WebSphere Message Broker we have developed a set of documentation and components that have been proved to dramatically fast track ESB projects. We estimate that these tools can save up to 20% of the development time in certain cases.

The Icon Solutions ESB Reference Architecture includes templates for creating customer specific development standards, design and deployment models. Also included are pre-built components that form the core of the aspect-oriented-connectivity in the ESB design pattern.  These include; reusable sub-flows and procedures for carrying out auditing, exception handling, routing, validation, meta-data management and other useful functions.

MQ Toolkit

Icon Solutions has built up an impressive and highly useful set of tools over the years called the MQ Toolkit. This package includes several testing and monitoring tools to help run your business effectively.


MQUnit is an Icon Solutions extension to the leading Java unit test utilities JUnit and DBUnit.  MQUnit can reduce the risk of change/addition to the code base and reduce the cost of regression testing.


MQViewer is a web-based system that allows MQ administrators to check the configuration and status of a remote MQ queue manager via a simple web interface.