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ASG provides Global 5000 businesses with world-class professional services and software solutions for IT Infrastructure & Operations Management, Performance Management, Applications Management, Enterprise Content & Information Management, and Cloud Orchestration and Management. Through a wealth of technologies, which have been either developed in-house or gained through strategic acquisitions, ASG enables clients with both mainframe and distributed environments to mobilize their resources, boost productivity, and enhance performance through the intelligent use of technology.

ASG is devoted to helping clients reduce operating costs, enhance customer service, and differentiate their products in the marketplace. ASG's customer satisfaction rate is more than 90%. The company's client portfolio includes industry leaders such as American Express, Coca-Cola, DaimlerChrysler, General
Electric, HSBC, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, Procter & Gamble, Sony, Toyota, Verizon, and Wells Fargo.

Founded in 1986, ASG is headquartered in Naples, Florida, USA, with more than 1000 employees and over 70 offices worldwide.

ASG's Performance Management solutions help organizations realize the true potential of the IT systems that power their enterprise. With ASG solutions you can effectively monitor and manage your computing environment, from the supporting systems, applications, components, and platforms to the actual end-user.

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ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ on z/OS

ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ provides centralized management and views of your entire WebSphere MQ environment. ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ is an all-encompassing management solution offering complete control over the configuration, administration, and management of your WebSphere MQ systems and related applications. ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ is a total configuration management, administration, exception processing, and performance-monitoring tool for WebSphere MQ.

Product Features

  • Collects and analyzes MQ performance data from a single point across multiple platforms.
  • Monitors all aspects of an WebSphere MQ environment, providing immediate notification when problems occur
  • Prevents and eliminates problems that threaten the availability and performance of an WebSphere MQ network
  • Identifies and displays problems in each monitored queue manager
  • Ensures achievement of performance goals by monitoring each channel
  • Monitors all queues and providfes immediate updates when queue depth thresholds are exceeded
  • Manages messages with locate/modify/delete functions
  • Prevents potential problems by monitoring page set activity
  • Provides information on CPU utilization and the number of PUT and GET requests by connection or thread

ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ Enterprise Edition

ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ Enterprise Edition is the solution for monitoring, managing, configuration, administration, and operation management of your mission-critical MQ environment across every platform.

The ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ Enterprise Edition NaviGator, a Java-based GUI, provides a single point of control for your MQ network. NaviGator ossesses features such as drag-and-drop for MQ object creation and to a Command Console where native MQSC scripts or commands may be executed. NaviGator quickly reveals problem areas with an easily used and easily understood topology view

Product Features

  • Auto-discovery of MQ objects
  • Automation via shell scripts
  • MQSC-native command console
  • "Out of band" management
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Queue Manager and dependent object manipulation
  • Message manipulation
  • Brokers and Agents
  • Event History Log
  • View MQ Error Logs from NaviGator
  • Rollback changes to objects
  • Cluster Support
  • Queue Sharing Group support (ASG-TMON for MQSeries required)
  • SNMP support including MIB exposing data collected by ASG-MQEnterprise


ASG-Zena is a robust, enterprise-wide workload management solution for distributed operations environments that support “event-based” scheduling as well as traditional date- and time-based scheduling methodologies. ASG-Zena provides non-invasive integration of legacy applications, ERP, and newer, “message aware” environments such as MQSeries, .NET and J2EE, that offer advanced IT process automation. From a single console, users can manage workloads and several scheduling points across multiple platforms, including Windows NT, 2000, and XP, as well as multiple UNIX and Linux operating environments and on the AS/400. ASG-Zena improves efficiency and reduces costs. It also offers exception-based management, a highly scalable component-based architecture, fault tolerance, role-based security, and graphical drag-and-drop workload definition. ASG-Zena, a next generation solution, extends ASG’s Enterprise Workload Management solutions suite, which provides customers with unrivaled coverage in the workload and process automation market.

Product Features

  • Provides integration and support for MQSeries and other messaging technologies
  • Enables event-based scheduling along with time-and date-based methodoligies
  • Provides itnegration of legacy applications, ERP, .NET, J2EE, and others
  • Automates and integrates advanced IT processes across diverse applications, including those from SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and Siebel
  • Features exception-based management, a highly scalable architecture, fault tolerance, role-based security, and graphical drag-and-drop workload definition
  • Manages multiple scheduling points from diverse platforms through a single console
  • Supports multiple platforms and operating environments, including Windows, UNIX, Linux, and z/OS


With PERFMAN 2020, IT professionals and executives alike get immediate access to crucial information about the organization’s IT infrastructure—such as future capacity concerns, service level impacts, intelligent enterprise-wide business views, and drill downs.

PERFMAN 2020 includes a powerful web portal that provides role-based access to users. Starting with a dashboard interface, PERFMAN Portal allows quick access to business capacity planning and performance management information across all platforms. Click-through navigation makes drilling down to the details completely intuitive. This solution is designed to enable proactive problem avoidance and foster greater organizational communication.

By integrating enterprise-wide historical data and predictive capabilities, and with a focus on effective internal communications, PERFMAN 2020 is designed to deliver “peace of mind” at all levels of IT management.

Product Features

  • Real time data access and alerting for z/OS, Windows, UNIX, Linux, and VMware.
  • A web interface that provides a centralized dashboard for business-orineted capacity management-regardless of platform or geographic location.
  • "Intelligent Service Exception" detection identifies service level impacts saving time and helping you focus on implementing solutions.
  • Automated trending and forecasting capabilities that take the guesswork out of capacity management, capital, and operational budgeting.