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Cressida Technology

Cressida Technology is the premier sponsor of, helping to maintain and manage the site as a community service to MQSeries professionals worldwide. Our family of MQ solutions focus on MQSeries based business transaction Message Assurance solutions that currently include the following:

Cressida ReQuest™ for WebSphere® MQ

Cressida ReQuest™ for WebSphere® MQ is a powerful Message Tracking and Auditing, Point-in-Time Recovery, detailed Message Reporting and flexible Message Replay solution. ReQuest™ uses unique technology to analyze critical message activity information already logged in WebSphere MQ logs.

Since its introduction Cressida ReQuest has been successfully adopted by many high profile clients to manage their WMQ environments.

  • Easy Tracking and Auditing of missing or delayed messages
  • No application changes or writing and maintaining MQI Wrappers
  • Advanced Filtering Options to meet User Specific Requirements
  • Complete Breakdown of End-To-End Message Response Times
  • Auditing, Charge-Back and Accounting based on Message Content
  • Point-in-Time Recovery of Messages and Queues on Different Platforms
  • Replay Message Activity for System Validation and Regression Testing

Cressida CeQuest™ for WebSphere® MQ

Cressida CeQuest™ utilises the standard WMQ API exit facility to collect message related information in a JDBC compliant database, allow users to analyze the collected data and provide message tracking, reporting, accounting and auditing for both persistent and non-persistent messages. CeQuest can also concurrently capture message data to screen where messages may be analyzed by authorized users.

Cressida SynQuest ™ for WebSphere® MQ

Cressida SynQuest™ for WebSphere® MQ is a highly optimized production strength Replication and Synchronization tool utilizing the MQI API exit facility. It is designed to keep the content of WMQ queues on separate queue managers synchronised by performing a MirrorQ type application. SynQuest provides a solution for maintaining Disaster Recovery backups of queue managers in those cases where a hardware (i.e. mirrored disks) solution is impractical due to distance or associated hardware costs.

    Cressida InQuest™ Family

  • Message Based Alerting (MBA) for WebSphere MQ
  • Standard and Rules Enforcement (SRE) for WebSphere MQ
  • Message Based Replication (MBR) for WebSphere MQ

The modular and building block framework for the InQuest family of solutions are being utilized to complete a number of new work in progress modules for Auditing, Accounting, Encryption, Workload Simulation that will be made generally available shortly.

Cressida has their Head Office in the United Kingdom with local offices in several European locations. Cressida also has a United States office and is further represented via a network of partners worldwide.