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PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:16 pm Post subject: Valid MIME over Http written out as invalid MIME to MQ Reply with quote


Joined: 11 Feb 2018
Posts: 4

WMQ: 9.0.5
OS: Win Server 2008 R2

Flow: Http Input --> Rest Request --> Compute --> MQOutput
In: MIME/DIME (oh yeah)

This flow would integrate external partners with legacy system (hence DIME) and needs to authenticate / authorize / validate (against schema as well as additional validation rules) the request / message before writing out the message to MQ queue/s for an existing system and a new system (via destination list). The input message is *not transformed for the destination systems apart from the DIME requests being changed to MIME (only package change; message payload is same).

*not - Apart from the matter of conjoining the incoming Http headers with the MIME payload as explained below. This is required by the existing destination system and is currently done by a web service proxy (Java) which is to be replaced by the flow above.

NB:The Rest Request node is for calls to security API for authentication / authorization of the incoming creds (Http Basic). It can be ignored for this issue.

When a MIME message received over Http is written to MQ queues, i need to pass in the Http headers for the legacy system as it looks for a top-level MIME Authorization header (yes, it does AA again). In addition, the existing WS proxy passes in all Http headers as top-level MIME headers of the MIME payload written to MQ queue. The flow has to do the same.

IIB does this as expected by a simple input root assignment to output root whereby the input Http headers are getting serialized into the output MIME message such that the Http headers become the MIME top-level headers. The resulting MIME message as it appears on the destination MQ queue looks like this:


POST http://xxxxxx:9100/do/something HTTP /1.1
soapaction: ""
connection: close
content-type: multipart/related; type="text/xml"; start="<309C081D197A102A4DFBF1F31CFB8474>"; boundary="----=_Part_4_30023838.1290461999016"
user-agent: Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/3.1
host: xxxxxx:9100
content-length: 18600

Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary
Content-Id: <309C081D197A102A4DFBF1F31CFB8474>

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">

Issue: The issue is that the first line (POST...) is not a valid MIME header. As a workaround i delete OutputRoot.HTTPInputHeader."X-Original-HTTP-Command" before MQOutput.

Any explanation of why IIB doesn't serialize the said header as X-Original-HTTP-Command: POST... like the other Http headers will be appreciated.
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