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PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:53 am Post subject: Reply with quote


Joined: 17 Jun 2017
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Thanks for your quick reply..
Input Message part

88,Sending Bank: 022000046  M AND T BANK - Sending Bank Reference:
88,160922000029000 - Receiving Bank: 111000753  BENEF BANK - Beneficiary:
88,ACCT-7001094700, ANDREA contact admin, WEST NORTHWEST HIGHWAY, DALLAS, TX, 75225 -
88,Originator: ACCT-*****2000, WILMINGTON TRUST,
88,1100 NORTH MARKET STREET WILMINGTON, DE 19801 - Amount: $30,000.00 -
88,Acceptance Timestamp: 09/22/2016 07:56 - OMAD Fields:
88,20160922K1QX112C00000109220801FT01 - IMAD: 20160922B2Q8921C000004 -
88,Business Function Code: CTP/

XSD Code Snippet

 <xsd:element dfdl:emptyValueDelimiterPolicy="none" dfdl:initiator="16," dfdl:terminator="/%CR;%LF;" ibmSchExtn:docRoot="true" name="TransactionDetailRecord">
                  <xsd:sequence dfdl:initiator="" dfdl:separatorPolicy="suppressedAtEndLax" dfdl:terminator="">
               <xsd:element  name="BAITypeRecord" type="xsd:string"/>
                    <xsd:element  dfdl:textNumberJustification="right" dfdl:textNumberPadCharacter="0" dfdl:textNumberPattern="#######" dfdl:textNumberRep="standard" dfdl:textOutputMinLength="14" dfdl:textPadKind="none" dfdl:textStandardBase="10" name="Amount" type="xsd:integer"/>
                    <xsd:element  name="FundType" type="xsd:string"/>
                    <xsd:element  name="MNTransactionSequenceNumber" type="xsd:string"/>
                    <xsd:element  name="BankReference" type="xsd:string"/>
   <xsd:element dfdl:emptyValueDelimiterPolicy="none" name="ContinuationRecord" dfdl:initiator="88," dfdl:terminator="">
            <xsd:sequence  dfdl:separatorPolicy="suppressedAtEndLax" dfdl:terminator="%CR;%LF;">
                 <xsd:element dfdl:emptyValueDelimiterPolicy="none" dfdl:nilValueDelimiterPolicy="none" dfdl:terminator="%CR;%LF;" dfdl:occursCountKind="implicit" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"  name="Record88" type="xsd:string"/>

                                          <xsd:sequence dfdl:separator="">
                                             <xsd:element dfdl:lengthKind="delimited" dfdl:occursCountKind="implicit" maxOccurs="unbounded"  minOccurs="1" ref="ns0:TransactionDetailRecord"/>
                                              <xsd:element dfdl:lengthKind="delimited" dfdl:occursCountKind="implicit" maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" name="TransDets">
                                                   <xsd:sequence dfdl:separator="">
                                                      <xsd:element dfdl:lengthKind="implicit" dfdl:occursCountKind="implicit" maxOccurs="unbounded"  minOccurs="1" ref="ns0:ContinuationRecord"/>

DFDL Trace:

Jul 5, 2017, 12:54:16 PM info: Offset: 238. Optional element 'Record88' encountered. The DFDL parser will return to this position if the element is not present in the data stream.
[dfdl = /BAI2_MessageRef_Lib/bai2_file.xsd, scd = #xmlns(p="dev:bai2")xscd(/schemaElement::p:ContinuationRecord/type::0/model::sequence/schemaElement::Record88), 156]

Jul 5, 2017, 12:54:16 PM error: CTDP3058E: Separator ',' not found at offset '238' for sequence within element '/BAI2File[1]/Group[1]/Account[1]/Transactions[1]/TransDets[1]/ContinuationRecord[1]'.

I am considering the entire 88 record into one element only and it has to have 16 record's delimiter also, when multiple 16 records occurs means it's failing as it's searching for trailer of the group but not the multiple 16 records.
please help me how multiple 16 records will accept.
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