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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:31 am Post subject: Challenge Forum Kickoff Announcement Reply with quote


Joined: 27 Feb 2004
Posts: 219
Location: Europe

In a recent Announcement I mentioned that we are considering a new Forum called The Challenge Forum . The primary intent and objective is to encourage further active member participation. Of course we will also generate a little competitive excitement within the community by offering rewards for those would be winner(s) who bring good questions forward, help identify new discussion topics, share individual best practices employed and technical expertise gained.

I am happy to report that we are ready to start and give it a go. Admittedly, it remains to be seen exactly how things will pan out but should things need some tuning, we will handle as we come across them.

Start Date: effective December 1st, the Challenge Forum is officially up and running.

The Prizes : Coffee Mug and/or special Rankings for a specific period of time.

Challenges: there will be 4 challenge categories, Three (3) are to be run monthly and one (1) is to likely be run in 45-60 days cycles.

1- New Thread Challenge - DISCONTINUED - Most Widely Read and Replied to New Thread/Topic in a given month (the combined criteria hinting of wide interest shown, the results are already displayed). The Prize : Coffee Mug.

2- Most Useful Challenge - DISCONTINUED -Membership voted winner of the Top 5-10 New Thread category for the preceding month and thus designated as the Most Useful for that month (At the end of each month, there will be a polling mechanism set up so all registered members can cast their votes). This is NOT a who gave the best answer or reply, but the Thread/Topic that provided the most useful to you personally information. The Prize : Coffee Mug.

3- Question Challenge - STILL GOING - : Every month a Challenge Question will be posted looking for the best answer, not just the right answer but judged to be the best as determined by a select Jury Panel / Moderator group. Answers are best to be done on the site with an Add Reply so everyone can readily see them. I realize that some may feel that their answers are better kept private until all the answers are in and the judging of them takes place. However remember that we are a discussion forum and want people to share ideas and answers with each other, its a case of active and open participation vs private emails that can be forwarded every so often and kind of defeats the whole Forum idea.

Still, If you really really prefer to send your answer via an email,, an interim monthly email box has been set up where the Answer Entries can come to and confidentially kept for later review by the reviewing panel. acts as a holding place for would be answers until the submission period has ended and the thread closed off. In cases of exact or near exact duplicate answers, the first posting received or email arrived will get the winning decision nod. I will shortly post the very first such Question so you can start. Just so we are clear on this point, Judging Panels decision is final. The Prize: Mug and Special Ranking.

4- Call for Papers Challenge - DISCONTINUED - 45-60 days cycle for preparation and submission, 15 days for review and voted Best as judged by a shortlist panel of judges. White Papers or Best Practices or Research Findings or Benchmarking Results (collectively called Papers) should be a minimum of 1000 and Maximum of 2000 English words in Aerial size 9 Font, not counting any images, graphs, links, etc. Papers submitted must be written by the submitting member and not substantially copied from published documents, manuals, redbooks, papers available elsewhere. Papers must have been written within the previous 90 days and not updates of previously published papers. Interested members can pick the topic they want to write about and/or as may have been suggested by other members (of course related to WebSphere and MQ is kind of a pre-req). Should you need some hint or an idea on what to write about, you can get some from the popular topics already discussed on the forums + consider the New Thread and Most Useful challenges referenced above as good places to start. Depending on the number, type and quality of received papers, we may select several of the collected Papers to eventually be published on a secured location for everyones viewing access. The Prize: Mug and Special Ranking.

Logistics side of the Awards : we will order a bunch of quality Mugs featuring the logo. Starting in January 08 (for December's first 3 Challenge winners), the Mugs will be shipped to the winners address directly. Multiple entries by a member per each and for all challenge categories are permitted (should a member be eligible for and win more than one Challenge, she/he will get each prize allocated). For those challenges that are being voted on, either by the panel of judges or by the full membership, such decisions are final. Currently, there are no restrictions on who may or may not participate in the Challenge(s) until we find it necessary to do so and will of course announce rules revisions and any limitations or restrictions accordingly.

Happy Challenging !

PS: commentary: the Site is going through considerable improvements behind the scenes with new Security enhancements, Database clean up, Vendor Sponsorship programs, and User Group Forums soon to be making a few headlines. I urge you to look at the General Forum Information from time to time for announcement news.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 1:04 am Post subject: Reply with quote


Joined: 12 Sep 2006
Posts: 2493
Location: Boston, US

Hi Mehrdad

Amazing Idea, really impressed and appreciate this step...
Should be there with MQ Series all the time.....

Do Something Before you Die
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