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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:09 am Post subject: AMQP Competing Consumer Scenario Reply with quote


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I am trying to use AMQP 1.0 connection from C# (via nuget package Microsoft.Azure.Amqp 2.4.3) with IBM MQ 9.0.1 (trial) in order to support a competing consumer pattern previously implemented on RabbitMQ.

I can get pub/sub working for a single consumer using the aforementioned technology stack, but I have two substantial challenges:

1.) I cannot seem to get a durable subscription (confirmed "durable=true" in MQ Explorer GUI) to survive starting and stopping an amqp connection. Even a manually created subscription is deleted after the first consumer closes down. In fact, if I start a consumer and leave it connected with zero link-credits, then submit messages and finally disconnect the consumer - then the subscription and my *unread* messages are lost. I have reviewed the WireShark trace but nothing stands out as "off" with the AMQP traffic. Can anyone suggest what I should be looking to confirm in the traffic to get the created subscription to outlive the AMQP connection which created it?

2.) Furthermore, if I add more than one consumer to a "shared subscription" (example: :share:subName:existingtopic) I am getting an any-cast behavior which seems generally correct but the broker does not behave as I would expect in the case of a failed consumer. I expect it to re-deliver "unsettled" messages to any surviving consumer(s) in the case of a disconnected\failed consumer. Is this a reasonable expectation?

It is nearly certain that I am doing something wrong or have mis-configured something but I really need some advice. Are my expectations wrong? Where should I be looking to break-down the problem into pieces to be analyzed?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!
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