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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 9:03 am Post subject: Passing MQRFH2 and JMS header when splitting message Reply with quote


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When splitting an input message into multiple output messages, by using For Each transform in a Mapping node, I want to pass MQRFH2 and JMS header of input message to each output message, as described here:

by deploying the following code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><mappingRoot xmlns="" domainID="" domainIDExtension="mb" mainMap="true" targetNamespace="default" version="" xmlns:map="default">
    <input path="/messageSet/MQreq.mxsd"/>
    <output path="/messageSet/MQreq.mxsd"/>
    <generation engine="xquery"/>
    <mappingDeclaration name="MsgFlow_Mapping">
        <input path="mb:msg(OrderRequestData,assembly,XMLNSC,Properties,MQMD,MQRFH2,JMSTransport)" var="ComIbmMessageAssembly_OrderRequestData"/>
        <output path="mb:msg(OrderRequestData,assembly,XMLNSC,Properties,MQMD,MQRFH2,JMSTransport)" var="ComIbmMessageAssembly_OrderRequestData1"/>
            <input path="$ComIbmMessageAssembly_OrderRequestData/OrderRequestData/Details" var="Details"/>
            <input auxiliary="true" path="$ComIbmMessageAssembly_OrderRequestData/Properties" var="Properties"/>
            <input auxiliary="true" path="$ComIbmMessageAssembly_OrderRequestData/OrderRequestData/msgRequestHeader" var="msgRequestHeader"/>
            <input auxiliary="true" path="$ComIbmMessageAssembly_OrderRequestData/MQRFH2" var="MQRFH2"/>
            <input auxiliary="true" path="$ComIbmMessageAssembly_OrderRequestData/JMSTransport" var="JMSTransport"/>
            <output path="$ComIbmMessageAssembly_OrderRequestData1/."/>
                <input path="$Details/."/>
                <output path="OrderRequestData/Details"/>
                <input path="$msgRequestHeader/."/>
                <output path="OrderRequestData/msgRequestHeader"/>
                <input path="$Properties/." var="Properties"/>
                <output path="Properties"/>
                <input path="$MQRFH2/." var="MQRFH2"/>
                <output path="MQRFH2"/>
                <input path="$JMSTransport/." var="JMSTransport"/>
                <output path="JMSTransport"/>

but it doesn't work. If I omit mapping of these two headers, only the first output message inherits it from the input message, and others don't, with such mapping however, both headers are lost even in the first message.
I did the mapping graphically as explained, just posted the result here as text. So, I added both headers with "Add or remove headers or folders" and connected it with supplement connection to For each transform, and in the nested map just applied Move transform to the output assembly.

The same thing however works for msgRequestHeader, that is inside OrderRequestData (I don't know does it matter), occuring just once before Details start repeating in the original message, and after applying this mapping each splitted message has one msgRequestHeader and one Detail, as intended by this mapping. As for the Properties, I didn't even check are they passed or not.

Can someone please propose the improvement, ie solution?
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