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PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:11 pm Post subject: IBM DataPower LTPA Reply with quote


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Can I generate the LTPA2 Token Key without the need for any of IBM products like IBM WebSphere Application Server?

I'm trying to use datapower to generate LTPA token (based on authenticating user by username and password) and then reply back to the client with the LTPA Token. The subsequent requests from the client would have the LTPA token and IBM datapower would authenticate the requests based on the extracted LTPA token and then forward the request to a backend web server that is not IBM webspher server.

The flow is as per the below:

Client ―> DataPower ―> Backend Server (not IBM Server)

The client submits a request with the credentials (username/password) in the authorisation header.
DataPower AAA, extracts the identity (Authroization http header with username/password) and authenticate the user
DataPower Generates the LTPA2 token in the post processing step and send it back to the client.
The client sends a request to access a protected resource protected by DataPower AAA policy.
DataPower checks the request for LTPA2 token
If the token is valid, IBM datapower forwards the request to the backend server.
If we dont have IBM WebSphere Application Server, is there any way to generate the LTPA Key file?
For more info Teskslate
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