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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:37 pm Post subject: FTP Reply with quote


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Can i connect 2 different hosts using the FTP connection from IIB box.

mqsicreateconfigurableservice xxx -c FtpServer -o Server02 -n serverName,scanDelay,transferMode,connectionType,securityIdentity -v XXX:21,60,BINARY,ACTIVE,ftpredhat2

mqsisetdbparms xxx -n ftp::ftpredhat2 -u xxxx -p xxxx

mqsicreateconfigurableservice xxx -c FtpServer -o Server03 -n serverName,scanDelay,transferMode,connectionType,securityIdentity -v XXX:21,60,BINARY,ACTIVE,ftpredhat3

mqsisetdbparms xxx -n ftp::ftpredhat3 -u xxxx -p xxxx

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:02 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Grand High Poobah

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Of course you can, but I suspect what you mean is:

"Can I connect 2 FTP destinations to the same configurable service?"

In your example, named xxx.

Of course you can't. No ftp client could do that.

If you want 2 configurable services xxx1 and xxx2 that are both ftp services, then that works just great.

But you can't ftp a file to Server02 and Server03 in a single operation just by creating 2 identically named configurable services and assigning that to a FileOutput node. Like I said, no ftp client would do that. Any ftp transfer is single source to single target, nothing to do with IIB.

So 2 FileOutput nodes with xxx1 and xxx2 works. If you're trying to build some kind of file sprayer that can send a file to any number of destinations simply by adding a new configurable service destination, you need to consider different software.

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