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PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:49 pm Post subject: IIB/WMBIMB event structure versus Common Based Events (CBE) Reply with quote


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Hi all,

I'm looking at putting in a standard event structure across many integration components. According to the RedBook "Connecting Your Business Using IBM WebSphere Message Broker V7 as an ESB", the event emitted from WBIMB is compatible with the CBE:

"Message Broker is configured to emit events. The event is emitted in an XML format that is compatible with the Common Based Event (CBE) specification and allows integration with other monitoring applications."

I'm a little confused by use of the word compatible, as the CBE standard has a root element of "CommonBaseEvent", and there are two mandatory complex types, "sourceComponentId" and "situationInformation". They are not present in the wbimb event, but the fields look to be similar.

It would appear compatible means there are fields that map onto the CBE structure, but wbimb uses an altogether different structure.

Have I got the wrong end of the stick here?
Is there a plan to align IIB events with the CBE structure in the future?

WBIMB event:


<wmb:event xmlns:wmb="">
  <wmb:eventData wmb:productVersion="10005" wmb:eventSchemaVersion="" wmb:eventSourceAddress="MQ Input.terminal.out">
   <wmb:eventIdentity wmb:eventName="MQ Input.OutTerminal"/>
   <wmb:eventSequence wmb:creationTime="2017-04-10T09:00:11.520431Z" wmb:counter="1"/>
   <wmb:eventCorrelation wmb:localTransactionId="414d5120746573742020202020202020ab04e55820035a1a" wmb:parentTransactionId="" wmb:globalTransactionId="414d5120746573742020202020202020ab04e55820035a1a"/>
   <wmb:broker wmb:name="test" wmb:UUID="adf665be-598e-4c02-b1b8-e82519c9d018"/>
   <wmb:executionGroup wmb:name="default" wmb:UUID="6b049434-168e-4bf5-b459-dc77802d0324"/>
   <wmb:messageFlow wmb:uniqueFlowName="" wmb:name="" wmb:UUID="b49c50de-b492-4b85-91ae-ab6f2095849d" wmb:threadId="42348"/>
   <wmb:node wmb:nodeLabel="MQ Input" wmb:nodeType="ComIbmMQInputNode" wmb:terminal="out"/>
 <wmb:applicationData xmlns="">
  <wmb:simpleContent wmb:name="CodedCharSetId" wmb:value="1208" wmb:dataType="integer"/>
  <wmb:simpleContent wmb:name="RoutingInfo_ServiceName" wmb:value="AffordabilityCalculation" wmb:dataType="string"/>
  <wmb:bitstream wmb:encoding="base64Binary"></wmb:bitstream>

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<cbe:CommonBaseEvent xmlns:cbe="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" CBE%20schema%20v1.1.xsd">
<sourceComponentId component="FILENET#5.2.1" subComponent="CPE" componentIdType="NAME" location="myhost" locationType="FQHostname" />
<situationInformation globalInstanceId="A1E0C298CA1312A0C503F6EC01B94D3B" localInstanceId="" creationTime="2017-02-21T09:30:47.123456Z" severity="10" priority="50">
<situationType category="STORED" successDisposition="SUCCESSFUL" situationQualifier="BLANK" reasoningScope="Application" connectDisposition="Internal"/>
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