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PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2001 7:55 am Post subject: Reply with quote


Joined: 18 Sep 2001
Posts: 22

This is a puzzling situation. This channel dumps a FFST(AMQ9207) because the remote manager on the other end is down. When the remote box is down, the channel ends without the FFST (AMQ9202). The error that shows in the FFST is: '<-- zstQueryThreadId rc =(Unknown)'

I think this is a resource problem. /etc/system has been tuned:

set msgsys: msginfo_msgmap = 1026
set msgsys: msginfo_msgmax = 4096
set msgsys: msginfo_msgmnb = 4096
set msgsys: msginfo_msgmni = 50
set msgsys: msginfo_msgseg = 1024
set msgsys: msginfo_msgssz = 8
set msgsys: msginfo_msgtql = 40

set semsys: seminfo_semaem = 16384
set semsys: seminfo_semmap = 1026
set semsys: seminfo_semmni = 1024
set semsys: seminfo_semmnu = 2046
set semsys: seminfo_semmsl = 450
set semsys: seminfo_semopm = 100
set semsys: seminfo_semume = 256
set semsys: seminfo_semvmx = 32767

set shmsys: shminfo_shmmax = 4294967295
set shmsys: shminfo_shmmin = 1
set shmsys: shminfo_shmmni = 1024
set shmsys: shminfo_shmseg = 1024

Max processes is : 1962

This is a development machine, so there isn't a heavyload on it (no X). Swap and disk space are good. Its a Ultra5 (128 ram) with Solaris 2.6 running MQ5.0 (Same problem with 5.1). Is this a resource problem or a library problem (libthread)?

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