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PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2001 11:05 pm Post subject: Reply with quote


Joined: 03 Dec 2001
Posts: 5


I have a message flow that uses a compute node to transform an XML message to an MRM message. The trace node shows the generated MRM message appropriately but I'm getting the following errors when the parser tries to reserialize the message.

UserTrace BIP2231E: Error detected whilst processing a message 'STRIDE.PH
The message broker detected an error whilst processing a message in nod
e 'STRIDE.PH2.XML.TO.MRM.STRD.RES.CONT.NEON'. The message has been augmented with an exception list and has be
en propagated to the node's failure terminal for further processing.
See the following messages for details of the error.
2001-12-16 19:49:10.843506 30 ParserException BIP5286E: Message Translation Interface Writing Errors hav
e occurred.
Errors have occurred during writing.
Review further error messages for an indication to the cause of the err
2001-12-16 19:49:10.843622 30 ParserException BIP5128E: Error initializing MRM message 'm_STRIDEMRMMsg'
with dictionary identifier 'DO3MHD8078001'.
The message m_STRIDEMRMMsg could not be initialized using the dictionar
y DO3MHD8078001.
Check that you have deployed and are using the appropriate dictionary f
or the message being processed and resubmit the message.
2001-12-16 19:49:10.843713 30 ParserException BIP5280E: Message Translation Interface error. Unknown Err
An unhandled internal error has occurred in the Message Translation Int
Record the full details of the activity that was in progress and contac
t your IBM support center.
2001-12-16 19:49:10.919834 30 Error BIP2232E: Error detected whilst handling a previous error in no
The message broker has detected an error in node 'STRIDE.PH2.XML.TO.MRM
.STRD.FQ' whilst handling a previous error.
See the following messages for details of the exception list associated
with the original error. Thereafter messages will be associated with the new error.
2001-12-16 19:49:10.919985 30 RecoverableException Could not find message 2230, inserts are e0c36bd2-ea0
0-0000-0080-a4fb4cd7f1db {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9}
2001-12-16 19:49:10.920628 30MtiImbParser::refreshBitStreamFromElements MQSIv202 MTI Writing Errors have
occurred ,
2001-12-16 19:49:10.920688 30MtiImbParser::initializeDummyMtiMessage MQSIv202 Error initialising Mti mesa
ge with dictionary ID , DO3MHD8078001, m_STRIDEMRMMsg,
2001-12-16 19:49:10.920804 30MtiImbParser::handlemtierr MQSIv202 MTI Unknown Error , MTIInitializeMessage
UsingDictionary, 11008, DO3MHD8078001, m_STRIDEMRMMsg,

Could someone help me with this...
thanks in anticipation.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2001 4:53 am Post subject: Reply with quote


Joined: 05 Jul 2001
Posts: 149
Location: IBM/Central WebSphere Services


it looks like you forgot to either
deploy the message set which contains
your MRM definitions or you have
a typo in either the message identifier
or the message set id (pretty common

Mathias Puetz,
MQ/MQSI Specialist
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