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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 6:34 am Post subject: Perl Reply with quote


Joined: 13 Jul 2007
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AdminMove - Sometimes an admin has to move messages out of one queue and onto another without destroying the context info. The attached script shows how to do this using the Perl MQ API. The messages are moved under syncpoint and use the FAIL_IF_QUIESCING options as well. It runs local or as a client and doesn't barf in strict mode.

Created by: T. Robert Wyatt

getput - Useful perl utility for providing a "hopping" point for messages. In other words, if you want to move a message from Queue Manager A to Queue Manager C, but you can only move it there via intermediate Queue Manager B, then you can use this program to automatically forward messages to the ultimate destination. It is invoked with 2 parameters, the source queue name and the destination queue name. It is configured to maintain the MsgId, CorrelId and other header information as it passes the message along, but this can easily be tweaked to create a new message that has the same data as the original. If there are no messages on the source queue it will exit after 10 minutes. It has a 32K buffer size. Both of these parameters can be changed to suit your needs.

Created by: Brandon Duncan

makeq - Although this program seems simple on the surface, it actually has an interesting way of creating a queue. will issue commands within runmqsc interactively to create the queue and capture the output from the queue manager. This is displayed to the user. then calls system() to run setmqaut and grant authorities for a given user on the newly created queue. This program can be easily modified to issue any command within runmqsc and interact with the command console.

Created by: Brandon Duncan

inquireq - This simple program connects to a queue manager and then issues an MQINQ command on a queue to get the current depth of the queue. It is used to illustrate how MQINQ works with the Perl MQSeries API, and can be easily extended to query other query attributes - or even other objects like queue managers, namelists, etc.

Created by: Brandon Duncan
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